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Almost a year!!!!

HAPPY 11TH MONTH ANNIVERSARY MY BABYGIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been so amazing being with you these past months and I never want what we have to change. Except for you moving closer to me... that should proly change, and soon! :)

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We should listen to that song when you come. At least once. LOL. I LOVE YOU FORWAYS ALEVER!!!
ilove you forways alever my fuhver
now its been 11 months since we've been separated. i miss you , i won't lie. and most of the time i wish nothing ever changed... except that i would have been closer to you. that could have changed.

i love you. still..... it will be a very long time before that changes. as much as i try to seem like i have moved on, i haven't.

no one is worth my time but you.

i love you matty. with all of me and more. forways alever.